Reading Series

Old Hat is developing a series of staged readings that will serve as fundraisers for various causes and forums for literary and political discussion. Proceeds from the event will go to an organization touching some of the themes/issues raised by the play.

June 2017: 


Anne Carson's translation of Sophocles' Antigone

Wednesday, June 28, 8pm

South Oxford Space: 138 S Oxford St., Brooklyn

Featuring: Emma Barash, Tommy Crawford, Derek Loehr, Eamon Murphy and Liz Sutton-Stone 

Directed by Erin Capistrano

Our first offering, Anne Carson's translation of Antigone, dramatizes the difficulty of translating a classic as much as it does the classic struggle between the individual and the state. Our reading will be followed by a discussion of the play, its themes, and its relevance to our own world. 

Proceeds from the event will go to the Women in Prison Project, an organisation that "works to reduce the use of incarceration for women, ensure that prison conditions for women are as humane and just as possible, and create a criminal justice system that treats women and all people with fairness, dignity and justice."