Chekhov Project, Part 1

December 19, 2014

Casa Duse, Brooklyn

An Old Hat original, devised piece, drawn from selected short stories by Anton Chekhov.

"If the old woman wept, it was not because he had been able to tell it movingly, but because Peter was close to her and she was interested with her whole being in what had happened in Peter's soul."  from "The Student,"  Anton Chekhov (trans. Pevear & Volokhonsky)

Using the text of each story as a starting point, our adaptations explore the methods of exposition and revelation employed by the author. Experimenting with form, narrative, and staging, we highlight the inherent theatricality of these subtle tales. Utilizing various techniques to dramatize the narrative voice, we seek to capture the stories themselves as well as the experience of reading them.  

Ensemble: Emma Barash, Sam Bolen, Brennan Caldwell, Erin Capistrano, Derek Loehr, Eamon Murphy, Maya Seidler, Elizabeth Sutton-Stone

Music and Sound: Lawrence Kim