May 13-28, 2016: Thursday-Saturday at 7:30pm

St. Paul's Theater, Brooklyn

Cruel are the times when we are traitors / And do not know ourselves ...But float upon a violent sea / Each way and move.

Old Hat's Macbeth is set in a surreal landscape inspired by the bleak and treacherous no-man's-land of World War I. We explore the loneliness and distorted morality that emerge from a culture of violence; how war and murder may blur and deform one's very sense of self. 

THE NEW CRITERION, Eric C. Simpson: "Macduff’s (Brennan Caldwell) dumbfounded shock on hearing of his family’s murder, Siward’s (again Ford-Dunker) composed grief for the loss of his son, the Macbeths’ embrace as they find the will to go on with their plan: these are the sorts of episodes that display Shakespeare’s enormous gift for finding humanity onstage, and a company that acts them with such honesty, hewing faithfully to the spirit of the text, does a service to both the play and the audience."  Read More


Directed by Elizabeth Sutton-Stone

Lighting Design: Daisy Long               Sound Design: Lawrence Kim & Elizabeth Sutton-Stone

Set Design: Derek Loehr        Costume Design: Erin Capistrano     Fight Choreography: Alicia Rodis      


Featuring: Billie Aken-Tyers, Sam Bolen,* Brennan Caldwell,* Erin Capistrano, John Ford-Dunker,* James Fouhey, Nathaniel Janis, Jeremy Kotler, Derek Loehr, Eamon Murphy, Mike Newman,  Ali Viterbi and Forrest Weber

*Appearing Courtesy of Actors' Equity Association. Macbeth is an Equity Approved Showcase.