Julius Caesar tickets available NOW! 

Old Hat presents a visceral production of Shakespeare’s mythic and modern tragedy in two venues.

Access Theater, NYC

February 15-February 24

South Oxford Space, Brooklyn

February 27-March 3

Picture an ensemble of ten actors in street clothes in a blank space. Using movement, sound, and the language of the play, their bodies and voices conjure the story. We explore the clash between speech and action, the tangle of personal and political desire, and the indelible stain of violence on character.  

This project is the first building block in what we envision as a fully portable repertoire!



Director: Elizabeth Sutton-Stone

Stage Manager: Kitty Mortland, Sound and Music: Lawrence Kim, Movement Consultant: Caity Richards

Company: Thomas Brazzle*, Erin Capistrano, Chapman Hyatt, Mitchel Kawash, Derek Loehr, Levi Morger, Niki Morrissette, Anuj Parikh, Elisabeth Preston*, Cassia Thompson

*Appearing courtesy of the Actors' Equity Association.




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Julius Caesar is deeply concerned with the idea of speech as action. So it is partly a drama about theatre itself; about storytelling as a way to interpret, persuade, and move. We seek to dramatize speech through movement, sound, and rhythm. And the play’s heavy imagery of the human body expands the reach of our physical language to illuminate metaphorical and emotional meaning, too. 

Staged in a narrow alley, the action is bound up by the audience, close and exposed. Viewing the play up close draws attention to the profound intimacy in it. Double, triple, quadruple casting reveals parallels in identity and relationship. Minor characters emerge as compelling figures, and famous characters have fresh dimension.

Developmental Workshops | December 2016

In December 2016, we workshopped the play and performed a draft of our idea for small audiences. We held discussions and collected written feedback. We were deeply inspired by the process, results, and response to our workshop. We are thrilled to return to this project in Winter 2017-18.


Workshop Credits

Director: Elizabeth Sutton-Stone                         Choreography: Caity Richards

Sound and Music: Lawrence Kim                         Stage Manager: Eve Kummer-Landau

Company: Billie Aken-Tyers, Jeremy Kotler, Erin Capistrano, Jameson Hammond, Jonah Cohen, Eamon Murphy, Sam Bolen, Thomas Brazzle, Derek Loehr, Kate Garfield