Thank you for supporting Old Hat Theatre Company!

This year we have revitalized our mission. New methods have enabled us to simplify material costs and center our artistic and financial focus on our wonderful artists.

Check out our new Julius Caesar video! 

Our bold, minimalist production of Julius Caesar is the first fully portable project in what we want to become a fully portable repertoire, ensuring our work can have a longer life and a greater impact.

Our project budget is $11, 500. Your gift of any sum makes a big difference. Here are some great examples:

  • $50 upgrades our stock of lighting equipment.   

  • $150 rents 10 hours of rehearsal space.

  • $300 pays an artist stipend for Julius Caesar.

  • $500 is a down payment on a performance venue. 

  • $1,000 underwrites our tech budget for Julius Caesar.

It is at times when the arts are under attack that we need them the most. Theatre and poetry help us understand what is happening now. They show us how to connect our present circumstances with those of the past. They inspire us to action.

By giving today, you support more than a single production. You help us to become a sustained, positive, artistic force in New York City and beyond.